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Living well in your home

“Where we live has a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. We want to build communities where our tenants can live well in their homes and in the area around them." - Lisa Pinney, Executive Director of Resources and Innovation

Being a great landlord is also about helping people live well in their homes.

From supporting tenants who are hoarding to delivering home adaptations that help people live independently for longer, we’ve been helping people live well at home.

This year we made over 400 improvements to our tenants homes.

This has included everything from a simple hand rail or ramp, to a full renovation that has allowed tenants to stay in their homes while their access needs change over time.

Trivallis’ Sheltered Housing Service, accommodation and support services are accredited with Erosh (formerly CHS) these standards measure:

  • Services Governance and Management
  • Value for money and effective use of resources
  • Equality and diversity
  • Customer focus
  • Person centres support services
  • Customer and staff safety
  • Quality accommodation

The service continues to maintain our accreditation of ‘outstanding’ status through yearly reviews and three yearly assessment.

Trivallis works in partnership with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) and are accredited in Visibility Standards in 22 of our Sheltered schemes, 14 at Gold level and 8 at Platinum.

Visibly Better Standards support Trivallis to improve the built environment using colour, tonal contrast and lighting. We ensure that ifnormation and services are accessible to individuals with sight loss and support them to live independently.

Our Fire Safety Team have collaborated to ensure we can conduct more fire safety checks to protect our vulnerable tenants.

Find out how they worked with our STEPS Team to increase our Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessments: Trivallis Teams collaborate to improve tenant safety – Trivallis

Increased Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessments allowed us to identify more vulnerable tenants with additional fire safety needs.

Read how we made a difference once those needs were identified: Improving safety for tenants with hearing loss – Trivallis

MAGPIE is an enhanced hoarding support service, delivered on behalf of RCTCBC. We provide specialised support to manage hoarding behaviours and help individuals to understand thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards belongings. We then use this understanding to motivate tenants to organise and remove items.

Find out more: The MAGPIE project – Trivallis

This page is part of our Annual Report for 2022/2023.