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Looking to swap your home?

Due to Government guidance and Health and Safety Advice around COVID-19, the way we carry out Mutual Exchanges has changed. For a full update on mutual exchanges, view this guide.


We offer a free ‘mutual exchange’ service called HomeSwapper, which is the UK’s largest home swap service.


A mutual exchange is a home swap between two social housing tenants. It can happen for many reasons, such as needing more (or less) space, moving for work or to be closer to family. It’s a great option for social housing tenants who can’t access or don’t want to wait for the normal allocation process.


If you’d like to swap your home, visit the HomeSwapper website and simply fill in details about your home or flat and explain what type of home you’d like to swap it for.


How to register a HomeSwapper account

Watch this video on how to register for a HomeSwapper account

Our staff will review your application to join HomeSwapper and if you are eligible for a mutual exchange it will be activated.

Then you can search for potential tenants to swap with, arrange to view each other’s properties and contact Trivallis to discuss the next steps.

We will have to inspect your property and there will be new agreements for each party to sign. On average, 90% of people find matches within 24 hours. 

For more information and to register, visit the HomeSwapper website: