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Neighbour Disputes

Neighbour disputes can be unpleasant and have a big impact on your quality of life. In the first instance, if it is safe to do so you should approach your neighbour to discuss the problem.  Your neighbour may not know the impact they are having on you.

Before making a formal complaint or getting others involved, try to discuss the problem with your neighbour. If you’re worried about approaching them, write a letter, explaining the problem clearly and including the facts.

If the problem affects other neighbours, involve them as well. It can be easier to settle a dispute if the complaint comes from a number of people.

Neighbour disputes are difficult to manage and Trivallis has no alternative but to remain impartial whilst investigating complaints. We can then speak to everyone involved to find a resolution whereby neighbours can live amicably next door to each other.

When we have evidence that someone has breached their contract, we will respond, and act based on the incident and evidence. Our approach will be based on what is reasonable, proportionate, and balanced.

If you need more support, please visit our  ASB page or contact us.