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Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP)

In June 2023, we commenced work on the first project in our Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP)

This is part of a national Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) in conjunction with Welsh Government.

What is ORP?

An intention of ORP is to support the Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 as the Welsh Government and social landlords work towards establishing a new standard. The proposed new standard encourages landlords to consider issues around affordable warmth and decarbonisation across their whole stock to produce a plan for each home undertaking retrofit.

This is a fancy way of saying we will be upgrading tenants homes to make them more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly. This will help save tenants money, and save tenants and future generations from further environmental damage by reducing carbon emissions. 

In order to make the most of these benefits, Trivallis will conduct a Whole Home Assessment to make sure we make the right improvements.

Upgrades may include:

Home insulation improvements

Solar panelling

Roofing improvements

Intelligent Energy System installation


How will this benefit tenants? 

The ORP is an ongoing programme of work spanning the next few years.  Trivallis will be taking a phased approach that aligns with our other major planned improvement projects.

You will be notified when your home becomes eligible for the programme.

Once your home has received the relevant upgrades, tenants are likely to see:

  • a reduction in energy costs
  • reduced heat loss in your home
  • improved thermal efficiency
  • increased ability to track and manage your homes energy usage.

We thank tenants in advance for your patience in waiting for the ORP to come to your area. Due to the huge scale of the programme this will take time to roll out across our homes. In meantime if you are concerned about money or looking for ways to save, visit our Cost-of-living page.