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Our vision and values

We are proud to provide homes for thousands of people in our communities and we believe we are uniquely placed to not only deliver good quality housing, but to help regenerate the communities we serve and improve the lives of those living there as well.

Our vision is:

Prosperous people and places

We will get there by ensuring that:

Together we create great places to live and work

To see how we got here, check out the video which details our journey.

Our Vision, Our Future

Our values define what we believe in and how we go about our work.


…because we listen when people talk to us, and we demonstrate our understanding through action. We treat people as individuals, whoever they are and whatever their background. Our experience and knowledge mean we know what we’re talking about, but we don’t alienate others with long words and big talk.


…because we offer people opportunities to improve their own prospects, and we enable them to take control of their own future. Our positive attitude is infectious and reassuring, and our practical help and dedicated support makes people feel empowered to take initiative.


…because we’re honest and transparent in the way we do things. We’re seen as a credible and reliable organisation that delivers on our promises, while having the utmost respect for others.


…because we inspire others with our bold and innovative approach. We’re not afraid to do things differently, to try new things, to lead the way – but we do so with humility. We’re energetic, focused, and intent on making progress.