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Garages in Penrhys

View of Penrhys

Over 72% of garages on the Penrhys estate are being rented officially by tenants. This means that these tenants benefit from renting good quality storage at a cost of three times lower than the average for similar spaces in the area.

The rest of the garages in Penrhys are either empty and will now be made available to rent where possible, or they are being used unofficially, and this must stop.

The choice is simple.

Anyone who is using a Trivallis garage in Penrhys without our permission must either come forward and rent the garage officially by 15th April, or lose access to the garage and have their belongings removed.  You may be charged for the cost of removing any items. We will not take any action against those who come forward to register garage use officially before this date.

Use it [officially] or lose it

Renting a garage from Trivallis is simple. Anyone currently using a garage unofficially should fill out the below form to register their interest in renting a garage. The applications will then be considered, and this will begin the process of starting an official garage tenancy.

The Choice is Simple.


If you are using a Trivallis garage unofficially then you have until April 15th to make this official or your belongings will be removed and you will be denied access to the garage.  

Please fill out the form below, or access it here to register your interest in renting a garage in Penrhys officially.

If you are a Penrhys tenant, register your interest in renting a garage officially on the estate by filling out the form below: