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Penrhys Regeneration

As part of our long-term vision for Penrhys, Trivallis and RCTCBC continue to work together to make sure Penrhys is a great place to live. We want our tenants to live in safe, comfortable homes, within a thriving community. 

We know many of you are concerned about the future of Penrhys and to help reassure you about our commitment to you and the estate, we wanted to take the time to set out what is happening and why. 

Together we hope we can make the most of every opportunity that come out of this process. 

Going forward this page will have all the latest information in relation to the improvements being made in Penrhys. 

In addition to regularly updating the FAQ’s section with your questions, we’ll also be sending out a regular newsletter for those with limited internet access. 

If you have any regeneration queries please contact 

For all other enquiries get in touch here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Last updated 17 October 2023 

What is regeneration?  

Regeneration means making an area better by improving housing, infrastructure, and investing in various activities to enhance people’s experience of living in an area.  

How long will the regeneration process take?  

We don’t have any set timetable yet, but the scale of this regeneration means it will take many years and any new homes will be built in phases. We’ll keep residents informed and updated on timescales.  

Why hasn’t regeneration happened before?  

Regeneration master plans were made in the past, but they faced difficulties in being carried out because they weren’t properly costed. Going back to the drawing board has however meant we’ve been able to better consider your needs and how we meet them in the long-term.  

What’s different this time?  

Our approach focuses on more than just planning. We’re developing a long-term, fully costed strategy that keeps the current community involved with the future of the estate. We’re collaborating with experienced developers in the Cardiff Capital region to ensure new housing and community facilities can be delivered successfully.  

What’s happening in Penrhys now?  

Between now and early 2024 we are seeking the views of developers. We will then draft a master plan and come out to discuss this with residents. Once we have what we believe is a good plan, we will then look at how the plan can be funded and delivered, the timing and the legal structures required to progress the plan.  

Where will you start building?  

We have no firm plans yet. The location of the first building area will be determined after securing a development partner and finalising the plan and design.  

What will this mean for residents?  

In the long term, we want to ensure that everyone currently living in Penrhys can move to a new social rented home on the estate if they want to. So this will mean change for everyone over time. But this could be many years ahead.  

What’s happening with residents receiving letters about moving out?  

17 residents living at the top of the estate have been asked to move. This is because they are living in blocks that are only semi-occupied and in poor repair. We’re helping tenants and residents in these buildings to find better homes, trying as much as possible to keep people on the estate if that is their preference. Once vacated, we won’t rent out homes in these blocks again.  

We have heard that Trivallis is selling part of the estate; is that true?  

No it isn’t true. We have not entered any discussions with anyone to sell any part of the estate. In fact, we are looking to purchase additional properties on the estate. 

What is happening about the Penrhys Partnership building?  

The building is owned by a private individual so we aren’t involved in the management and upkeep of the building. However, Trivallis has expressed an interest in buying the building because we know how important it is for the community. We will of course share more information if there is an update on this.  

So there isn’t much certain to tell us then?  

No, there isn’t, not at this stage. We want to give you the opportunity to get involved from the beginning when everything is uncertain and no decisions have been made. In that way, you can genuinely influence what happens.  

How can we be involved?  

We want all residents and those connected to Penrhys to have a say in the regeneration process. We’ll seek your input once we’ve identified development partners. This involvement will continue throughout the proposed regeneration scheme through exhibitions, workshops, and events.