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Alleged Perpetrators of ASB

Things can change in people’s lives, difficulties, stressors, changes at home or work, e.g., ill health, bereavement, redundancy. This can often strain relationships at home and with neighbours.

We appreciate that some alleged perpetrators of anti-social behaviour (ASB) may be vulnerable and will need help and support to enable them to sustain their tenancy and reduce the risk of losing their home.

If appropriate, we will work with both internal and external support services, along with external specialist agencies to address the underlying causes of the ASB. We will ensure we take a trauma informed approach to dealing with alleged perpetrators.

In all cases initially, we have to pursue all prevention and intervention measures to change the behaviours. We will only use our enforcement powers in appropriate circumstances and where all other attempts at resolution have either failed or have been exhausted.

For more support with ASB, please visit our  ASB page or contact us.