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Preparing for a tenancy

Our Get Ready & Move On (GRAMO) sessions provide training to those who are preparing for renting and starting a tenancy.

This post is also available in: Welsh

The training is also useful for those who need to build skills in an area of managing their tenancy.

The project is delivered through a 2-day course, concentrating on the following areas:

  • Finding a home
  • Information on landlord and tenancy agreements
  • The rights and responsibilities of being a tenant
  • Paying for your housing / debts

GRAMO training can be provided on its own or as part of a wider support package.


This post is also available in: Welsh

If you would like to request a referral form to book onto any of the 2-day courses detailed below or want more information about the project, please contact: Dorian Griffiths – Project Co-Ordinator