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Report a repair

We hope you always find your home in good condition. However, as with any home, repairs will crop up from time to time which can be an inconvenience for you.

When you report a repair, or ask someone else to report it for you, we’ll ask you some questions to help us understand the type of repair needed. This will help us to get your repair fixed quicker.

Contact us report a repair. 

Routine repairs –  our aim is to complete these within 28 days of them being reported.
Emergency repairs – our aim is to complete these within 24 hours of them being reported.

When you report a repair we will offer you an appointment time so that you know when to expect a tradesperson to call. If you would like us to, we will also send you a text message 24 hours before the visit to remind you about the appointment.

If you can’t keep your original appointment, you must let us know so we can arrange a more suitable time.

If we send someone to your home because you tell us it is an emergency but we then find that it is not, we will charge you the additional cost of the call out.

If the damage was caused by you, or a visitor to you home, we may recharge the cost of the repair to you.

A re-charge is a cost that we may ask customers to pay.

It is the cost for any repair work that is your responsibility or a result of damage caused by a your actions, accidentally or deliberately.

How do I pay my re-charge?

You can use your white Trivallis payment card to pay at any Post Office or at any shop that shows a PayPoint logo.

You can call us on 03000 030 888.

We also offer Direct Debits on any day of the week or month if that’s easier for you.

What if I can’t pay right away?

If you require any help to make your re-charge payments then please speak to us.

We can help you to set up a payment plan.