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Save money on your bills

Your rent is due to be paid weekly in advance. Your first payment is due on the day your tenancy starts.

Make your rent your top priority 

If you don’t pay your rent, you may lose your home. You must prioritise your rent over all other debts – even energy bills and Council Tax.

If you are struggling to pay your rent or keep on top of your bills, we are here to help.

Keeping on top of your bills during winter

When the cold weather hits, we know that it can be costly to keep our homes warm. Captain Cosy wants to share a number of schemes that can help with your energy bills over the winter months.

Cold Weather Payment – if it’s very cold where you live (at or below 0 degrees) for a period of time, and you’re receiving certain benefits, you may be eligible to receive £25 a week for each 7-day period of cold weather.

Warm Home Discount – this is a discount on your electricity bill. You may be eligible if you get Pension Credit or are on a low income.

Winter Fuel Payment – this is an annual tax-free payment to help with heating costs for older people. Make sure you’re registered to get it – once you are, you’ll receive it every year without having to do anything.