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The MAGPIE project

We can support people who collect things and struggle to get rid of items making their home cramped and cluttered.

Do you find it difficult to throw things away in your home? Is it hard to let go because everything is a treasure with a special meaning?

We don’t judge at Trivallis, instead we work with you to understand your thoughts and feelings towards the items in your home.

Changing habits takes time but through our MAGPIE project, our dedicated team will be on-hand to motivate you to start looking at the things you would like to change – making sure to take things slowly and at a pace that suits you.

This help and support is free and the team are happy to work with you for as long as you need.

If you work for an organisation that supports people who live in RCT and know someone who could benefit from the support of our MAGPIE project, you can refer them using this form:

Need support with your tenancy?

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