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Trivallis is responsible for maintaining trees on our communal land to make sure that they are not a health and safety risk to members of the public.

Our policy is to protect our existing trees wherever possible. Work is only carried out on a tree if it is dead, dying, diseased, dangerous, likely to cause damage to a property or if it is inappropriately located. Our Landlord Health and Safety Policy can be found, here.

If you have a tree in your garden, it is your responsibility to maintain it. This is set out in the terms of your Occupation Contract.

We will only treat a tree within your garden if it is deemed as a health and safety risk or is causing damage to property. We may charge you for any work that we undertake.

As a Trivallis tenant, if you are concerned about a tree on our land, or within your garden, contact us.

You can find more information on managing your estate, here.