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Using stairlifts safely

Modern stairlifts are very safe and reliable, but, if used incorrectly, they can cause serious injury.  If you have a stairlift, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the equipment’s basic safety features and read the user’s manual for the model you have in your home.

We have put together some top tips to keep you safe and sound when using a stairlift:

Buckle up: Even though the ride up and down the stairs is a smooth one, it is important that you wear a seatbelt while using your stairlift to avoid the potential for falling.

It’s not a toy: Children should not play with or operate the equipment.

Fold the seat: Stairlifts are designed with foldable seats to make sure they don’t get in the way of other people who are using the stairs or present hazards to them.  Fold the seat away when the stairlift is not in use.

Obstruction sensors: Most modern stairlifts are fitted with safety sensors that automatically stop the lift if they detect anything in their path.  Make sure your stairlift is clear of items which may trigger the sensors and cause it to stop.  Also keep pets out of harm’s way and consider training them to stay clear when the stairlift is in use.

Beware of loose items: Items such as scarves, long clothing, blankets, and towels could become trapped in your stairlift.  This could cause serious injuries and costly damage to the equipment. Make sure that loose items are always kept clear of the stairlift when it is in use.

Liquids: If spilled, hot drinks can scald you and liquids of any kind can damage your stairlift.  If you need to carry drinks or other liquids while using the stairlift, use a container with a lid and take extra care to avoid spillages.

One person at a time: Stairlifts are designed to carry one person at a time. Never attempt to carry more than one person, including children. Never exceed the maximum weight limit specified in your user’s manual and do not use it to move heavy items (such as full storage boxes or furniture) up the stairs.

Regular maintenance: When used and serviced properly, your stairlift will provide many years of reliable mobility.  Please help us by allowing our contractor to carry out the routine maintenance your stairlift needs. Regular maintenance will ensure your stairlift remains safe to use and reduce the chance of a breakdown.

Any problems: Stop using the stairlift if you spot any damage, if any of the safety features stop working, or if it does not operate correctly. Don’t try to fix any faults yourself as this could damage the machine and void any warranty.

If you have any questions or queries about using your stairlift safely, contact us.