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Get Ready & Move On is a learning and information programme that provides training to those who are preparing for a tenancy. It can be provided on its own or part of a wider support package. The training is also relevant and useful for those who are already tenants who need to build skills in an area of managing their tenancy. The training can be delivered in a variety of formats. Currently the project is delivering a 2 day course concentrating on the following areas:

• Organisations that can help and assist types of accommodation

• Information on landlords / tenancy agreements

• Rights and responsibilities of being a tenant

• Disputes

• Paying for your housing / debts


Tenancy training sessions


Thursday 5th & Friday 6th October2017

Adult Session

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th October 2017

Young person session

Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd November 2017

Adult session

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th November 2017

Young person session

Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th December2017

Adult session

Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th December 2017

Young person session

Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th January 2018

Adult session

Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th January 2018

Young person session

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th February 2018

Adult session

Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st February 2018

Young person session

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th March 2018

Adult session

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March 2018

Young person session

Young person sessions are available for 16-24s and the adult sessions are for people aged 24+.

Getting in touch

If you would like more information about the project or to book onto any of the courses please contact Karl Griffiths the Project Coordinator via email