Over 100 Volunteers to give ‘Time for Change’ in Porth

AFC Porth

Time for Change Days are an initiative run by Trivallis where volunteers give up their time and skills to make real changes to the lives of people in the borough.

Lisa Newton, community project officer at Trivallis, said: “Our Time for Change Days bring together colleagues at Trivallis with partner organisations and people in the community to work on making positive changes in areas across RCT.

“We chose Dinas for our next project because we wanted to show the people in the community just how grateful we are for their support as we work to redevelop Appletree Avenue. We can see how hard the volunteers at AFC Porth work to keep the club maintained so we're helping them to get their club ready for next season.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Trivallis, so it’s great to have projects like this where people come together to make a real difference to a community.”

Works that will be carried out at AFC Porth include fitting a new kitchen and new flooring in the clubhouse and cleaning and painting the areas around the pitch.

As part of this project, Trivallis is also working with RCTCBC on the refurbishment of the children’s play area in Dinas, which is due to be completed mid-summer.

AFC Porth hosts both male and female football teams from under 6 through to seniors, with over 300 players currently registered to the team. It is run completely by volunteers and funded through the generosity of supporters and through fundraising activities by the players throughout the year.

Huw Jones, secretary of the senior team at AFC Porth, said: “The club is like a big family, we all pitch in where we can to keep it going, despite recent cut-backs of funding making the grounds quite difficult to maintain.

“I’ve been involved with the club for over 20 years and played for them as a youngster so I’m really passionate about the way being involved with teams like ours can have a positive impact on a person’s life.

“The club’s ground has been in a pretty bad state of affairs recently but the group that supports it has done what we can to maintain it, sometimes dipping into our own pockets to fund things like kit washes for the teams and painting.

“It’s overwhelming to see the support that we are getting from Trivallis and all the volunteers who want to help us to get the club in ship shape. We’re always a hive of activity on the weekends so once the work is done and the season starts up again, it’ll be a pleasure to welcome other teams to play.”

The Time for Change day in Dinas will begin at 9.15am and finish with sporting activities, weather permitting, on AFC Porth’s football ground around 4:00pm.

Trivallis has committed to developing 14 new homes in Dinas, which are due to start on site shortly.

For more information on Time for Change and how to get involved in future projects, contact Lisa Greening on   or call 03000 030 888 and ask to speak to a member of Trivallis’ Regeneration team.

To follow the progress of this project and keep up to date with Trivallis’ news, follow @wearetrivallis on Facebook and Twitter.

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Introducing the new Customer Involvement team

Trivallis has a new Customer Involvement team.  You might recognise some of the team who have been at Trivallis for a little while working on other projects. Now, we’ve come together to help improve how customers can get involved, have a voice and shape and deliver the services in our communities.

The team has been busy meeting community and tenant groups that are already working hard in Rhondda Cynon Taff. The Involvement Officers are looking to build on the strengths these communities have so their skills and opinions can be used to help influence the work at Trivallis.

There will be lots of chances for you to get more involved. You could have your say on a local topic or be more active in the community. You could take part in an estate walkabout with your Neighbourhood Manager or, if you’d prefer, you could get together with a group of tenants and staff to plan a fun day trip or activity.

As a customer, we want your input and feedback to be at the heart of everything we do at Trivallis. It’s important your views are central to help shape the way we run our organisation and services.

If you would like to have a chat about being involved, call us on 03000 030 888 and ask to speak to the Customer Involvement team or email your area Involvement Officer on

Learn more about the Customer Involvement Manager and Customer Involvement Officers.

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The New Look Magazine

For the last 10 years we’ve been sending Roof Top through your letterbox every three months. Each magazine is pulled together using information we get given from inside the offices at Trivallis. We want to branch out and make sure that we write about things that interest you.

With this in mind we’re really excited to tell you that we’re going to do some work on the magazine. We’re thinking of changing the name, the way it looks as well as the things we write about in our articles (or features).

What was your favourite article in the last edition you read? Is there anything in particular you’d like to read about?

Please bear in mind that we will still have to write about important changes that will affect you but we can be a bit more flexible around some of the other pages.

To make sure we create something that interests you and meets your needs we’ve created a short survey. You can access the survey online for free. To have your say simply click on the link below and follow the steps to answer the questions.


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Trivallis' Mental Health First Aiders

As Trivallis are keen to support the mental health wellbeing of its workforce their health and wellbeing group, Vitallis, organised a two day accredited Mental Health First Aid workshop for staff.

Mental Health problems are more common than we might think. In fact, 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues in any one year. 

Depression, stress and anxiety are widespread and affect thousands of people in Wales and this includes staff at Trivallis. Last year, the top three reasons for staff absence were personal stress, work related stress, anxiety and depression.

The aims of Mental Health First Aid training is to preserve life, provide help to prevent a mental health problem or crisis developing, and promote the understanding of mental health issues to reduce the stigma.

We are happy to announce that a group of staff have now been trained as Mental Health First Aiders. A mixture of individuals from across the business took part to make sure the different directorates are represented; this means there will always be someone to talk to.

The training took place over two days, during this time participants were taught how to:

  • Recognise when a person needs help and the best way to approach them

  • Save a life by learning basic suicide intervention skills

  • Protect their own and other’s mental health skills for the workplace and community that promote a good understanding of mental health issues and illnesses

  • Listen, understand and react calmly

  • Give support and helpful information

  • Signpost to get appropriate help

Trivallis' Mental Health First Aiders are always happy to listen, support and signpost to the different services available.


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Free heath checks for ‘man’s best friend’ in Trebanog

Trebanog dog owners were invited to bring their pets to the local Waun Wen community centre for a free health check.

32 dogs were brought into the event, which was hosted by Trivallis in partnership with Dog’s Trust Bridgend. 

Malcolm, the Veterinary Nurse, carried out weight, teeth and general health checks along with offering free micro chipping for the animals and offered advice to owners on training and diet.

Malcolm said: “It’s great to be working with Trivallis and be able to see so many dogs from one community in one day.

Malcolm from Dogs Trust with Winston the boxer dog“Lots of the dogs I saw today were in great condition but many were not micro chipped, despite the fact that it is the law for all dogs to have a chip. It is so important for their safety and the safety of others that this is done, especially if they run off as it’s a reliable way of identifying who a dog belongs to so the owner can be contacted.”

Christine has lived in Trebanog for ten years and brought her two year old border collie, Sam, along to the event. She said: “I saw the event advertised on the Trivallis Facebook page and booked the day off work to bring Sam down.

“I hadn’t had him micro chipped and now I know how important it is for his safety to have had it done. I think events like this are great for the community and it’s great to see Trivallis and the Dog’s Trust working together to offer this to people who live here.”

Twelve dogs were micro chipped during the event, which ran from 11am until 3pm in the centre.

Local PCSO David Hughes, Councillor Gareth Caple and Roz, who works at the centre, were on hand to support Trivallis’ Neighbourhood Manager Steve with the running of the event.

For more information on Trivallis’ upcoming events with Dogs Trust, follow @wearetrivallis on Facebook and Twitter.

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