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Cae Fardre - Bonfire

Give and Gain Day Beddau

Every year, we welcome the sense of community that bonfire night in Cae Fardre encourages.

As the area where the bonfire is held is on a well-used piece of land, we have committed to developing this into a space that can be used all year round. This has been done through Trivallis employees and partners volunteering time and materials to build planters, benches and other facilities for use by anyone in the area.

We are extremely disappointed to find that, this year, a number of wooden planters and benches have been destroyed and added to the bonfire, which has made the area extremely dangerous.

The health and safety risks, due to the sheer size and contents of the bonfire this year, mean we have no other option than to dismantle and remove it over the next two days.

We have had a number of concerns raised by people in the area this year and wouldn’t want anyone to be injured, especially the small children who use the area to play in.

If you are looking for somewhere for you and your family to watch fireworks in a safe environment, here are some options:

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