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Fire Safety in Communal Areas

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To keep you and your neighbours safe and following advice from South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, Trivallis has a zero tolerance for items being stored in communal areas. Communal areas include stairwells and entrances to our blocks of flats and sheltered schemes.

We must take action to protect you and your neighbours from the risk of fire. You made a promise to keep these areas safe and clear when signing your tenancy agreement, it is your responsibility to store your belongings inside your home.

Your Neighbourhood Manager will regularly be in your area, inspecting blocks and sheltered schemes.

Any items that are a hazard must be moved immediately or Trivallis’ Estates and Communities teams will have no choice but to remove them. Items could include, but are not limited to:

  • Bikes
  • Prams
  • Rubbish/recycling bags
  • Plant pots
  • Door mats
  • Pictures

Keeping these areas clear and safe is part of the tenancy agreement you have signed. They must be stored safely inside your home at all times.

When we identify an item that needs to be removed, we will try to locate the owner and ask them to remove the item immediately.

If we know the owner but they aren’t at home, we will post a card through their door to let them know the item was removed.

Items of value will be removed and stored by Trivallis for a maximum of 28 days. They must be picked up by the owner in this time. If items are not collected within the 28 days, we have no choice but to permanently dispose of them.

You should call 03000 030 888 to arrange pick up of any items that have been removed; you will be given a date and timeslot to do so.

We appreciate your co-operation in keeping our homes safe.

For more information and recommendations from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, visit here: SAFE AND WELL

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