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Victory for Supporting People

Plaid Cymru has announced its two year budget agreement with Welsh Labour, and it has been confirmed that the Supporting People programme budget has been protected.

The Supporting People Programme supports more than 60,000 of the most vulnerable people in Wales each year to live as independently as they can.

Welsh Government funding for the programme funds a variety of services that Trivallis offers, such as SAFE. These services support people at risk of housing crisis and plays a crucial role in preventing homelessness in Wales.

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive at Community Housing Cymru said: “At a time when budgets are tight and financial pressures are impacting services, we are pleased that the Welsh Government budget recognises the importance of the Supporting People programme and protects the budget for the next two years.

The Supporting People programme is a lifeline for the most vulnerable people in society. It helps those facing difficult times to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives in a safe and supported environment. Thanks to the programme, people have escaped abusive relationships; learnt new skills to help live with a disability or in a new country, and overcome substance misuse problems. These are only a few examples out of over 60,000 where the programme has transformed somebody’s life for the better.

The programme has received cross party support for a number of years, and thousands of people in Wales will be grateful to see that reflected in the deal between Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour.

The two year budget settlement will allow for stability and the longer term planning of services, but we mustn’t forget that providers continue to operate in a challenging environment where costs are increasing and difficult decisions have to be taken.”

On the 4th of October, a number of Trivallis staff will be attending a rally in Cardiff to ask government to make a commitment of keeping this funding secure for many years to come.

If you want to keep up with the story, you can search for #LetsKeepSupportingPeople and #SupportingPeopleWales on Twitter.


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