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Trivallis' random acts of kindness brighten up the day of customers

Ted Blue Monday

Trivallis helped to brighten up the day of some of its customers with random acts of kindness.

Thanks to donations from LCB Construction and M Delacey & Sons (MDL), Trivallis was able to purchase gifts for some tenants that staff felt could use the boost.

Small packs were created, which included flowers, a fluffy blanket, scented candles and some sweet treats.

Jen Williams, Neighbourhood Manager at Trivallis, said: “When I heard about what was planned I thought it was a great idea to give back to some of our tenants, in a bid to make their day a little brighter. We support with some extremely vulnerable tenants who deal with difficulties every day so it’s nice to be able to treat them.

“One of our customers, Susan Boit, has just moved in to one of our new homes in Taff Street, Pontypridd after living in Glyncoch since 1998, so I wanted to welcome her to her new home with something to make her smile.”

Susan Boit Blue Monday

Susan said: “I really didn’t expect this. I have moved to Pontypridd to be closer to work and to my daughter and grandchildren. Although this move is for the best, I was a little sad to be leaving my Trivallis house in Glyncoch as I’d lived there for almost 20 years.

“The gifts really brightened up my day and will certainly come in handy to help make my new house a home.”

Emma Nicholas from Penywaun was nominated by her Neighbourhood Manager, Melanie, because of all the work she does on her estate.

Emma said: “This is such a lovely treat. The flowers are so beautiful, I love the colour blue.

“I didn’t expect this today but it’s such a nice gesture, thanks Trivallis.”

Emma Nicholas loved her blue flowers from Trivallis.JPG

The random acts of kindness formed part of a wider campaign which also saw staff receive small tokens of thanks for their hard work.

Richard Haddock, Money Advice Manager at Trivallis said: “I nominated my colleague Sarah for the hard work and difference that she has made to the lives of some of our customers, saving them over £500,000 over the last 16 months that she has been here.

“It’s great to be able to recognise the hard work that goes in on a day to day basis and even a small gesture such as a bunch of flowers can make someone’s day.”

Financial inclusion team Sarah Ferrier, Richard Haddock and Steve Collins

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The future looks brighter for Daniel

Daniel Street from Pontygwaith was struggling to find work as most positions were looking for candidates who had a driving license and previous work experience. The Jobcentre referred him to Trivallis Estates and Communities and they gave him the chance he needed.

Eighteen months later and Daniel has passed his driving test, has his own car and has gained lots of work-based experience as well as six months paid work.

“I didn’t know about the lessons until I started volunteering but I think it’s great and makes you want to do as much as possible,” said Daniel.  

“Barrie the driving teacher was great. He had a lot of patience with me. I passed on my second test, it all fell apart on the first one but I really wanted to pass and I wasn’t going to give up.

“I have a lot more freedom now, I can go anywhere I want and haven’t got to rely on other people. I know it’ll be a lot easier to find a job in the future.”

Trivallis Estates and Communities work with a large number of volunteers who are struggling to find work to help give them the skills and confidence they need to apply for jobs.

Everyone who volunteers for at least 15 hours per week is able to get one free driving lesson lasting either one or two hours.

“As long as you have a provisional license you can qualify for driving lessons with us,” explained Barrie Whiles, Trivallis’ Driving Instructor.

“Practice makes perfect when it comes to driving because the more you learn, the more confident you feel.”

If you would like to find out how to volunteer with Trivallis Estates and Communities, call today on 01443 494660.

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Beddau residents are feeling safer this winter

The shop area near Moorland Crescent, Beddau is now a safer place to live thanks to Trivallis Neighbourhood Services, and local tenants agree.

Community Safety Officer Jane Hayman and Neighbourhood Manager Amanda Baul worked closely with Rhondda Cynon Taff Council and the Neighbourhood Beat Manager to tackle an anti-social behaviour issue in the area.

Where it all began…

Residents were reporting that a group of individuals were running passed their flats in the evening making them feel intimidated in their own homes.

Vicky Clode was directly affected by the problem said: “I couldn’t relax, the youths would wait outside my front door. One day they even started kicking it and managed to break it open.”

South Wales Police recommended building a fence to the side and rear of the flats to stop public access.

Great team work…

Jane and Amanda worked hard to make sure the tenants felt safer in their homes. They secured funding which meant the fence could be built.

“Without working in partnership with other agencies, departments with Trivallis and the community this project wouldn’t have gone ahead,” said Jane.

“I agree,” explained Amanda. “We work with agencies and communities because they’re our eyes and ears on the ground. Working together is how we will continue to improve our estates.”

Happy tenants…

“As soon as the fence went up, from day one, I didn’t see the kids anymore. Now I can come home without walking passed anyone, I feel safe and I don’t have to worry,” explained Vicky.

Other residents in the area have noticed a difference since the fence has been built, Ceri and Anne Livock believe it has really helped.

“It’s definitely improved things for us because we feel more secure at the front of the house. We could sit out there all day and all night,” said Ceri.

“Amanda is fantastic because she goes above and beyond to help you as much as she can. She regularly rings us to check how we are.

Throughout this project she’s been first class, I have a lot of respect for Amanda because she talks to you like a friend rather than a tenant.”

Get in touch…

To report anti-social behaviour click here.

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Hip-Hip Hooray for the new pathway

We support a number of Tenant and Resident Associations (TRA) throughout the year to help them work more closely with the local community. Each TRA runs their own activities and meetings focused on the things that matter to their estate.

Roy Davies and Mary Harvey are the Secretary and Chair of Glyncoch TRA. Along with the other committee members and local community, they fought to improve the access to the children’s park on the estate.

From their sheer determination to make the area safer, a concrete pathway has been built leading up to the entrance of the park. This means families with pushchairs, residents with mobility problems and wheelchair users can now get to the area for the first time in years.

To celebrate their success, Roy and Mary organised an official opening for the pathway. Councillor Rhys Lewis attended, he said: “This has been a great project where so many organisations have worked together. By improving the accessibility, everyone can finally enjoy the park.”

Before Roy and Mary got involved, the only way to get to the park was down a series of concrete steps. In the winter months the field became muddy and slippery for anyone walking through.

The community were really supportive throughout this and are extremely pleased with the work that’s been completed.

Congratulations Glyncoch!

If you’d like to find out if there is a Tenant and Resident Association in your area, please call Gale Kidman (Engagement Coordinator) on 01443 494477.

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Lynda loves getting crafty in her new kitchen

Lynda Parsons loves nothing more than cooking and crafting in her kitchen.

Her Gilfach Goch home, which she first moved into with her parents in 1952, is filled with pretty trinkets that she’s bought and ‘blinged up’.

Although Lynda enjoys spending time in her kitchen, a recent home improvement survey by Trivallis found that she would need a new one.

Getting the works done

Lynda said: “Trivallis contacted me and said I’d need to have a survey of my home. At first I wasn’t sure what it was for but the team explained that it’s a way of checking whether my home is safe and secure and whether it needs any major work done.

“The survey only took an hour and the surveyor kept me updated on what they were doing.”

Survey results showed that Lynda’s kitchen needed replacement.  

Lynda added: “The team came in to do the work and were really friendly. At one point I was away in Porthcawl so I let them in and left tea and coffee behind for them to help themselves to, they were so grateful.

“When I got back they’d done a great job, stripped all of the old wallpaper off, painted the walls white and tiled above the worktops.

“After Jeremy Kyle I’d make toast for the kitchen fitters. They were so polite and worked so hard I couldn’t thank them enough.”

Lynda puts her stamp on it

Now that Lynda’s kitchen is finished, she is making sure that it fits in with the rest of her home décor.

“I chose red tiles because it’s one of my favourite colours. I was so excited to add some sparkle to the kitchen using things I’d made.

“I’m always cooking and love using different gadgets when I’m making meals. I’ve started to make some pretty storage for all of my gadgets using jam pots and vases that I’ve painted and added diamantes to.

Lynda's Kitchen

 “I am so pleased with my new kitchen and would definitely recommend that anyone asked to have a survey gets one – there’s nothing to lose.”

Help us to help you

Trivallis surveyors need to access to your home to be able to carry out a home improvement survey.

If they can’t complete the survey, Trivallis won’t be able to schedule in any planned works.

The survey will help Trivallis to decide:

  • When your bathroom and kitchen are due to be replaced
  • If your roof is in good condition
  • If your home is safe and secure
  • If we can improve your insulation to reduce heating costs

It’s not a way for Trivallis to check up on you, it’s to record the condition of the major parts of your home.

When your home is due for major improvement work, Trivallis will contact you with details of what needs doing and to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

For further information, visit the ‘Your Home Improvement Survey’page.

Read Lynda loves getting crafty in her new kitchen…
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