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Trivallis’ declaration to show commitment to tackle mental health

Time to Change Wales is the first national campaign to end stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems in Wales.

On Thursday 17 January we made a public declaration to show we're committed to tackle mental health as an organisation.

 Ian Thomas signed the Time to Change Wales pledge on behalf of Trivallis and explained the importance of supporting such a great campaign.

"I know how good we are as an organisation in supporting each other which is why the pledge is right for us and why we need to be pushing work forward in this way," he said.

Time to Change Pledge Highlight video

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14 new affordable homes coming to Porth

Trivallis is developing 14 new, affordable homes in Dinas, Porth.

The development is a £1.4million investment in the area, which is funded by the Welsh Government Social Housing Grant.

Design and construction work is being carried out by WRW Construction.

Dinas flats before Sarah Kirton, Senior Development Officer at Trivallis, said: “Back in 2015, we consulted with people who lived in Appletree Avenue in Dinas on what we could do to improve the area. There were two blocks of maisonettes that suffered from high levels of anti-social behaviour and weren’t fit for purpose.

"We’ve worked with local people and are investing in the community by delivering these much needed affordable new homes.”

The development, involves the design and construction of 12 one-bedroom flats and 2 two-bedroom flats.

The homes will be split into two areas. A northern block will be made up of four two-storey buildings, with one flat per floor. The southern block will be made up of three linked two-storey buildings with an L-shaped layout, with one one-bed flat per floor; each flat will have its own access.

Appletree Avenue Development CGIThe new homes will meet Welsh Government Design Quality Requirements and Lifetime Homes Standards; a series of sixteen design criteria intended to make homes more easily adaptable for lifetime use at minimal cost.

The homes are due for completion in early 2020 and will be available for bidding via the Homefinder RCT website shortly after they’re finished.

Sarah added: “A proportion of the contract value is designated for community investment; this means that we will be working with the local council to regenerate the area around these new homes.

Trivallis Porth"We completed a project back in the summer of 2018 where over 50 staff and volunteers gave the clubhouse and grounds of Porth AFC a re-vamp.

“We’d like to thank local residents for their involvement in the project so far and look forward to being able to offer these homes for rent in the near future.”  

For more information on Trivallis and the project in Dinas follow @wearetrivallis on Facebook and Twitter.  

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Trivallis Makes a Stand for People Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Trivallis has signed the ‘Make a Stand’ pledge, joining housing organisations across the UK to help tackle domestic violence.

The Make a Stand pledge has been developed by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) in partnership with the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) and Women’s Aid.

Jim Strang, president of the CIH, said: "My father was an extremely controlling and abusive man – this is an issue I have a really personal connection to and as a result I’m extremely passionate about it.

"Domestic abuse affects so many people and everyone in housing has a responsibility to ask what more we can do.

"Women are dying, mothers, sisters and daughters are being murdered or permanently scarred mentally as well as physically on a daily basis and it has to stop.

"We as a profession are well placed to help identify the signs, to deal with the outcomes and help tackle some of the root causes of domestic violence. We’re in these homes more regularly than most other professions.

"Housing people can do more for a family, for a person, in one day than most professionals can achieve in a whole career. That’s the power and influence that housing workers, regardless of role or grade, can have. We must use that influence to its greatest extent."

By signing the pledge, Trivallis has agreed to four commitments to support people who live and work in social housing who are experiencing domestic abuse.

The four commitments include putting in place a policy to support tenants who are experiencing domestic abuse, making information about national and local domestic abuse support services available on Trivallis’ website and other accessible places; and ensuring a policy and procedure is in place to support members of staff who are experiencing domestic abuse.

The fourth commitment requires organisations like Trivallis to have an internal spokesperson that is responsible for keeping the commitments to support people experiencing domestic abuse.

Bob Granville

Bob Granville, Trivallis’ Director of Homes and Neighbourhoods and Make a Stand Spokesperson, said: “In the year ending March 2018, an estimated 2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 in England and Wales had experienced domestic abuse in the last 12 months.

“Domestic violence is one of the most corrosive of the adverse childhood experiences, we believe that having appropriately skilled staff to provide both intervention and support services to our customers will significantly impact individuals’ lives, in line with our desire to provide “kind” services.

“By signing up to the Make a Stand campaign, we are showing that we will do what we can to tackle domestic violence for our customers and our staff.”

Organisations that have signed the pledge will have until September 2019, until Jim Strang’s presidency comes to an end, to put the commitments in place.  We are proud to say we have met all of these commitments..

To see Trivallis’ community safety policy and get information on local organisations that support people experiencing domestic abuse, visit:

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‘Visibly Better’ homes for older people help them maintain independence

Trivallis is the most awarded Welsh housing association for ‘Visibly Better’ standards in its sheltered schemes for people aged 60 and over.

Visibly Better is a set of six standards developed by RNIB Cymru, focussing on different aspects of accessibility for people with sight loss. As housing associations progress through the standards, they receive Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of accreditation

20 of Trivallis’ sheltered schemes across RCT meet either Platinum or Gold Visibly Better standards, allowing people with sight loss to feel more confident in their homes.

Ron Hook lives in Trivallis’ Gwaunruperra Close sheltered scheme in Llantrisant and is a tenant assessor. This role involves working closely with the teams at RNIB and Trivallis to make sure sheltered schemes are up to Visibly Better standards for people with sight loss.

He said: “Before I got involved with this scheme I didn’t know anything about the RNIB but I’ve been on a number of courses now and have learnt so much about how it’s so important to be making homes accessible for people with sight loss.

“I'm so proud of what we’ve achieved in our schemes and look forward to working with RNIB more in the future to support those who need it.”

Contrasting colours have been used throughout schemes to ensure door handles, sinks, showers and other objects stand out to those who are partially sighted. Additional features for platinum standards include improvement works in the garden and to the external areas of the schemes.

RNIB Cymru Visibly Better Trivallis RNIB Cymru’s Director Ansley Workman said: “We’d like to congratulate Trivallis. These awards recognise organisations who are delivering positive changes for blind and partially sighted people by making their environments more accessible.

“Often the changes are very simple, from improving lighting to making sure people can move around more safely. But they are essential for reducing falls and accidents. As we get older this is more important than ever, as we know that one in five people aged 75 and over are living with sight loss, rising to one in every two people aged 90.

“Although our Visibly Better programme is aimed at improving accessibility for people with sight loss, the standards they set will benefit a wide range of tenants including people with dementia or mobility problems.

"We’re really looking forward to working with Trivallis in their continued efforts to break down the barriers for people with sight loss.”

Trivallis and the tenant assessors will now be working with RNIB to bring the remaining three sheltered schemes up to Visibly Better standards and will be providing feedback to further develop what the standards for ‘Visibly Better’ should be.

MP Owen Smith attended a special awards presentation where Trivallis’ tenant assessors were given plaques for each of the sheltered schemes that had achieved the standards. He said: “This work shows a real commitment from Trivallis in providing accessibility for customers, staff and older people; creating homes that help people to maintain their independence.”

To find out more about Trivallis' sheltered schemed, visit:

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