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7 top tips to keep you safe and warm

Keeping safe and warm during snowy weather

We are expecting unusual cold and snowy weather in South Wales this week and are advising our customers to take some extra steps to keep safe and warm. It is easy to forget that our homes are vulnerable to the weather too so the team here at Trivallis have prepared 7 top tips to get you prepared and keep you safe.

Keep your heating ticking over while you are out

We are all energy savers when it comes to the heating but keeping the heating on a low level will help warm the house and ensure that with warm water in the pipes that they won’t freeze.

Check you are in credit with your pre-paid meter

Many of us are on pre-paid meters and getting out to the shops to top these up can be difficult in cold and icy weather. Make sure that you have enough credit there to cover you for the next few days so you don’t go without.

Make sure you have the essentials

Make sure you have the food you need, even if it’s just the usual bread and milk. It is worth picking up any prescriptions too, just in case it’s too cold to venture out.

Use salt or sand to clear icy paths

Using warm water to melt snow might refreeze and turn to black ice. Instead, use salt or sand (ordinary table salt or dishwasher salt works fine too). You should use around a tablespoon for each square metre.

Go on the hunt for your stop valve

The stop valve (or stopcock) controls the water coming into your home. You might need to use this should any pipes freeze or burst. They are usually found under the sink or under the stairs but if you don't know where it is, get in touch with us at Trivallis and we will point you in the right direction.

Keep pets indoors

Remember that our furry friends feel the cold too, so keep them indoors and warm


Keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours

If you are able, keep an eye on any vulnerable neighbours. Popping in for a chat or doing a little shop for the essentials can be a big help and stop people from feeling isolated should the weather prevent them from leaving home.

If you have an urgent request as a result of the weather such as a boiler breakdown or burst pipes then you can call us on 0300 003 0888.

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Taff’s Well blitz day is a ‘dream come true’

Taff's Well Blitz Day

Local housing association Trivallis has carried out a ‘blitz day’ in Taff’s Well.

The event was organised by Amanda Mills, Trivallis’ Neighbourhood Manager in the area, with support from Rhondda Cynon Taf Council (RCTCBC).

Taff's Well Blitz Day Outdoor areas and gardens were cleared of rubbish, overhanging trees on walkways were cut back and long grass in communal areas was mowed in order to improve the look of the town and the safety of people who live and visit there.

Derek Thomas has lived in the area since 1968. He said: “Amanda, Trivallis’ neighbourhood manager, has made such a difference to the whole community. I raised some concerns to the council about how dangerous the trees were, blocking the streetlights and hanging over the pavements forcing people to walk onto the road. This has now been sorted, I’m so pleased.

“It’s brilliant to see everyone coming together to make a real impact. This is like a dream come true for me. Now I feel like I live in an area where visitors will enjoy coming to see me.”

Dog’s Trust representatives offered free health checks and advice for dog owners in Taff’s Well community centre as part of the blitz day.

Malcolm Stagg, campaigns veterinary nurse for Dog’s Trust, said: “In total we saw 16 dogs, and were kept busy throughout the day.

Amanda Mills with dogs in Taff's Well “Some of the dogs we saw had problems that needed advice so we were able to help them and their owners. We also met the lovely owner of Zuki the lurcher who had recently lost her partner so could not afford to get Zuki spayed. We were able to issue her with a £35 voucher which means she can now afford to get the dog spayed.”

Trivallis is committed to continually improving its communities and the lives of those who live in Rhondda Cynon Taff.

For more information on the role of the neighbourhood manager and news on forthcoming blitz days, follow @WeAreTrivallis on Twitter and Facebook. 

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