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Maerdy paddling pool reopens after 5 years

Based in the heart of Maerdy, the swimming pool has been derelict for 5 years following its closure. The Action for Maerdy Paddling Pool group was set up by members of the community with the hope of bringing the once much loved facility back to life.

Julie harvey and team at Maerdy Paddling Pool Julie Harvey, who lives in Maerdy and is the secretary for the Action for Maerdy Paddling Pool Group, said: “The process of getting the pool reopened has been a real labour of love and has certainly had its ups and downs. The pool was in such a bad state, the pump needed renewing, so did the filter, and the pool floor needed to be taken back and totally renewed.

“It’s taken us two years to get us to the point of opening the pool, from getting funding to getting support to make the area safe for families. There were two groups who tried before. It’s been no easy ride but seeing what’s been achieved I am absolutely speechless – it looks amazing and the kids are having a great time in the water.”

Work was carried out to totally revamp the pool and the surrounding areas with local organisations donating time and materials to get the pool ready for its opening this summer.

Trivallis, a local housing association, supported the Action for Maerdy Paddling Pool Group to organise the official launch Day on the 31st July as part of its new Community Days taking place across Rhondda Cynon Taff over the school holidays. Over 160 people came along for a dip in the pool, some BBQ food and free entertainment from Rhondda Radio.

Julie continued: “The opening was such a great success; we want to see this carried on for the future. As a group, through funding, we’ve paid for the training of two volunteer lifeguards and more pool attendees. We hope this means that more people can come and use the pool in a safe environment. It’s great, free family fun.”

families enjoyed taking a dip in the pool The Action for Maerdy Paddling Pool Group has secured a four week license and will keep the pool open this year until Saturday 25th August. Plans next year are to gain a lease to keep the pool open throughout the summer months.

For more information on the group and how you can get involved, search for Action for Maerdy Paddling Pool group on Facebook.  

Further information on Trivallis' community Days is available here:

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Penrhys parents - is your child safe?

We’ve received a number of reports of young people climbing on scaffolding in Penrhys.

The scaffolding has been set up to allow work to be carried out on people’s homes.

A number of local residents, our staff and PCSOs have approached the young people and asked them to get down as this is not a playground – if they continue to do so, and fall, it could be fatal. 

We are working with the local PCSO, in the interest of safety, to monitor the area and deal with any offenders.

Please, if your children are out and about on the estate, make sure they know the dangers of climbing on scaffolding and that trespassing could also lead to prosecution.

Take care.

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This week in Penrhys...

Over the next week we will be working in partnership with Welsh Water (Dŵr Cymru), Penrhys Partnership and RCTCBC Environmental Health, in Penrhys.

In response to feedback about rodents in the area, almost 100 connections from manholes into the sewerage systems will be blocked up; stopping any rodents entering the unused sewers and preventing their food source.

The council's environmental health team will then work to clear any rodents from the area.

This work should take approximately seven to ten days.

What can you do to help?

Basic housekeeping is your best defence against rodents.

Please make sure your garden is well maintained and that any overgrown areas are cut back to prevent rodents creating nests.

Make sure that your household rubbish is disposed of properly and food waste is kept securely in the food bin. If you need advice on recycling and food waste or don’t have a food waste bin, visit the council’s website, here: RCTCBC Recycling

Remember that if you enjoy putting food out to attract birds or hedgehogs, you’re also encouraging the likes of rats and mice, too. We’re not suggesting you stop providing food for other wildlife, just make sure you don’t put out too much and clear away anything that may be accessible to rodents.   

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Trivallis praised for 'life changing' volunteering impact in Wales

Trivallis has been recognised as the best of the best for its ‘Volunteering Impact in Wales’ at the Responsible Business Awards.

The awards, organised by Business in the Community Cymru, saw eight organisations announced as the best responsible businesses in the country.

Trivallis scooped the top spot for the ‘Volunteering Impact in Wales’ award, which looked for organisations that make a real difference to the lives of people through volunteering.

Volunteers painting in Ysgol Ty Coch Over the past 12 months, Trivallis has co-ordinated twelve major volunteering projects across Rhondda Cynon Taff where employees and partner organisations have given their time to make a real impact in communities.

One major project took place at Ysgol Ty Coch, a school for children with severe disability and learning difficulties based in Beddau.

The project involved turning a disused building on the school grounds into a family hub, where healthcare professionals can come to offer support and services to the families with children who attend the school.

Dave Jenkins, head teacher at Ysgol Ty Coch, said: “Ysgol Ty Coch was fortunate to be the focus of one of Trivallis’ volunteering projects and the impact could not have been more profound, or life changing for our school, pupils and their families.

“Trivallis brought together over twenty different partner organisations and together, they put in over 1,700 hours of work, something we simply could not have done ourselves.

“The family centre now sits at the heart of our school community and without the efforts and energies of the volunteers from Trivallis this just wouldn’t have happened.”

Ysgol Ty Coch Trivallis Volunteering Project Trivallis also offers a volunteering programme which provides unemployed people from across RCT with the opportunity to work within its Estates and Communities team.

Volunteers are given on the job experience on a number of work streams including cleaning, painting and decorating as well as opportunities to gain qualifications such as manual handling and Construction skills (CSCS).

Successful volunteers are then given the opportunity to work on real contracts during six months of paid employment.

Since April 2017, over 180 people have taken part in the volunteering programme at Trivallis, gaining skills to get them job ready. 60 of these volunteers have gone on to gain paid employment as a direct result of the skills they gained from the programme.


Linda Jeynes, office co-ordinator at Trivallis, said: “When somebody comes to volunteer we sit down with them to determine what the best way to help is, we know not one size fits all.

“Help comes in the form of equipping volunteers with skills they need to find employment. We offer tools, training, support and opportunities that encourage self-reliance.

“We also offer access for volunteers to our in-house driving school. We recognise that having a driving license breaks down some of the barriers to employment, so the driving school provides free driving theory test support and lessons to all volunteers and staff.

“Since April last year, 42 people have taken advantage of the driving school with 10 having successfully passed their driving test so far.”

Business in the Community Cymru Director, Matt Appleby, said: “The Wales Responsible Business Awards are a celebration of incredible dedication by companies across Wales.  We are united in a belief that business can improve lives and create a healthier society – and our winners, who fill us with optimism for the future, are exemplars of responsible business.

“Congratulations, Trivallis, on your committed responsible business practice – and for being the best of the best.”

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