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Trivallis' Annual Review 2017/18

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At the end of our second year as Trivallis, we look back over the last 12 months at some of our key achievements. From welcoming, Ian Thomas, as our Chief Executive, to handing the keys over for 107 new homes including two new sheltered schemes; it's been a busy year.


Trivallis' Annual Review 2016/17

TrivallisIsOne Annual Review 16/17  Welsh Annual Review

During 2016 RCT Homes became Trivallis, seeing five companies being brought together to officially become one organisation.

Although we’re the same people we created a new message; proud to be here for our customers, their homes, neighbourhood, family, career and trade.

We created a new vision and set of values with the aim to be an open and inspiring organisation that changes people’s lives and communities for the better.

We listen, engage, respect and progress in everything we do and place our tenants right at the heart of our organisation.

Significant things have happened forTrivallis; this report will celebrates all we’ve achieved. 


Annual Review 2015/16


Our Regulatory Judgements


Trivallis' Regulatory Judgement 2018 

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Trivallis' Regulatory Judgement 2017 

Our Financial Statements

Trivallis' Financial Statements 2018

FS (welsh) 2018   FS (english) 2018

Trivallis' Financial Statements 2017

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RCT Homes Financial Statements - signed.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Welsh Government: Housing Association Comparison Tool

Trivallis' Quarterly Performance Report

Welcome to Trivallis quarterly report for customers; designed to keep you updated on how we’re doing as an organisation and what we’re doing to improve our services for you.

We’ve lots of information covering the main parts of the business, these are:

  • Investing in your home – repairs
  • Paying for your home
  • Providing homes
  • Supporting you
  • How we run the business

Download the most recent document

Trivallis Quarterly Performance Report July - September 2018

Let us know what you think; your feedback is valuable and will help us to continue to improve. You can email lisa.balfe@trivallis.co.uk or call 03000 030 888 and ask for Lisa Balfe. 


Self Evaluation 2017-18

self evaluation cover

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

‘At Trivallis, we are absolutely committed to becoming a truly inclusive place to work, where all our employees can reach their full potential and enable us to change lives and communities for the better.  So being fair is not only the right thing to do, it’s vital for the success of our business.

I confirm that the information in this statement is accurate and has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. ’

Ian Thomas, Chief Executive

March 2018

What is gender pay gap?





The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in median pay between men and women.

The Office for National Statistics report that the gender pay gap in the UK has fallen from 10.5% in 2011 to 9.1% in 2017, but remains positive in value, meaning that on average men are paid more than women.

In an attempt to increase awareness and improve pay equality, the UK government has introduced compulsory reporting of the gender pay gap for organisations with 250 or more employees.

Trivallis is committed to closing the gender pay gap and is pleased to provide its first gender pay gap report, which has been calculated using the ‘snapshot date’ of 5 April 2017:

Our numbers

Bonus figures

  Pay quartiles

What is driving the gender pay gap?






It’s not unequal pay that explains our gap because we have conducted an equal pay audit to confirm that we offer equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender.  We regularly review the pay of all our job roles using independent market testing.

Senior positions

Reducing our pay gap






Although we are pleased with this year’s results, we will not become complacent.  We will regularly review our gender pay gap and seek to continuously improve the experience of all our employees in respect of equality, diversity and inclusion.