Planned Maintenance Programme

Planned Maintenance Programme

Each year we invest millions of pounds in maintaining and improving tenants homes. Our Planned Maintenance Programme ensures that tenants home continue to meet the high levels of the Welsh Governments’ Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

Our improvement programmes are funded in partnership with Welsh Government.

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We have a continuous rolling improvement plan, based on stock condition surveys, to improve, renew and maintain our homes for the future.

Each year we issue a plan of planned works that includes:

Internal works (kitchens, bathrooms, re-wires)

This includes work to make sure that kitchens and bathrooms are up-to-date and that electrical systems meet modern standards. 

Kitchens must be no more than 15 years old and in good condition. There must be sufficient cupboards and enough space for a cooker, washing machine and fridge.

Bathrooms must be no more than 25 years old. As well as upgrading the bathroom furniture, we will fit a shower over the bath.

Re-wiring - Many tenants’ homes need to be rewired and the law says that tenants must allow Trivallis to carry out any work needed to bring wiring up to modern safety standards. We will also fit extra electric sockets (or move existing ones) where required.  


Security works

We have already fitted modern uPVC doors to thousands of tenants’ homes and we are continuing to install secure door entry systems in blocks of flats. 

The high quality windows and doors help keep you safe and warm in your home.