As a housing community mutual Trivallis ensures that tenants take an active role in decision-making. In fact, over the years, tenants have been at the heart of the process to appoint contractors and suppliers to carry out millions of pounds of work on thousands of homes.

Whilst cost is important to Trivallis and our tenants, so is the added value that contractors and suppliers can bring such as:

  • The standard of workmanship
  • How they conduct themselves
  • Their relationships with our tenants
  • Social inclusion – the creation of local jobs and training opportunities

Trivallis tenants are involved in the evaluation process when assessing bids for work that directly affect tenants or where it would be suitable for them to help. They are given special training and take site visits to manufacturers to see products and workmanship first hand.

Tenants also speak to Trivallis staff and other tenants to find out how others rate the products and services.

Trivallis Standard Terms Conditions - Goods.pdf [pdf] 295KB

Trivallis Standard Terms Conditions - Services.pdf [pdf] 269KB

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Work and supplies for which we’re procuring are advertised through The criteria and details of the procurement process are explained in full in the documents you will find there.