The Noise App

The Noise App


There is no fixed level at which noise becomes a statutory nuisance, as defined by s.79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. A number of factors must be taken into consideration, such as time the noise occurs, duration of the noise and the level of noise etc.

Complaints that are made anonymously are not usually pursued because an assessment needs to be made of how the noise being complained of affects the person making a complaint.

If you are making a complaint, your details will not be disclosed to the other party, but they may have to be provided in the event that a noise nuisance case ends up in court.

In order for us to investigate your noise complaint we require you to contact us to log your complaint and then download the Noise App onto your mobile phone via “App Store” or “Play Store”.

Please note the Noise App will only work on an iPhone or Android phone, ideally with either a Wi-Fi connection or mobile date (3G/4G).

For more information on how to use the Noise App please download the User Guide.

The Nois App Syncing Issue - Apple Only on Friday 23 June 2017

There are currently syncing issues on Apple devices. The Noise App are currently working on fixing this issue but this will not affect all users. To fix the issue, follow these instructions:

  • Dismiss The Noise App so that it's not running (don't log out)
  • Go to 'settings' and put your phone into Flight Mode
  • Open The Noise App
  • Go back to 'settings' and take your phone out of Flight Mode
  • Switch back to The Noise App
  • You should now see "Tap to sync x recordings"
  • Tap this once and wait 15 minutes with the app open

Click here for more help and guidance from The Noise app.